Osclass Android Mobile App – Osclass Mobile App @ USD $40 only

The first ever, Osclass Android App is here. Get it today!

Osclass Mobile App, the first mobile native app made for Osclass

List of features

  1. Home
  2. Publish An Ad
  3. User Register/Login
  4. Search
  5. My Account
  6. Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, Listing Policy (Note: These pages when you will provide us then we will display on app)
  7. User Profile
  8. Contact
  9. If you need a custom development, with more features, drop us a line admin@rackons.com .
  10. RSS (Not Mandatory)
  11. English language
  12. Special :Earn Ad money with embeded your own Google Adsense or Admob.


User need to provide us after make payment :

  1. App Name
  2. App Icon
  3. Notification Icon
  4. header image (512×288)
  5. Website Url
  6. Company Logo
  7. Demo Username and Password
  8. Feedback Email
  9. Support Link
  10. Google Analytics Code
  11. Admob Code : Banner Ad Unit ID, Interstitial Ad Unit ID

Color Available : Black, Grey

NOTE: Source code is not  distributed, We will provide you only .APK file , We will Not Provide App Dashbaord or Admin .

If you want your app in Playstore then you need to pay us $20 (One Time Fee) so we will upload your app on our Google Play Store, we will not provide you playstore account, only you can download your app from Play Store.

  • Model:app_osclass_rackons
  • Manufacturer:Rackons